Starship Troopers Movie - An Intersting Take from Far Right
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Author:  RobertPearson [ Mon Jun 08, 2015 12:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Starship Troopers Movie - An Intersting Take from Far Right

Whether you agree with his politics, or not, this guys groks it:

Starship Troopers – An Unintentionally Great Film Advertisement for “Fascism”

Starship Troopers isn’t a great film. It’s an above average 90’s action adventure movie and a satirical perversion of Heinlein’s terrific novel. But hey, what can you expect from the director that made “Showgirls?”(even though I actually happen to like “Showgirls” in a weird, nostalgic way.) Yet in attempting to mock fascism, “Starship Troopers” somehow manages to create an advertisement for a society which is in many ways superior to our own. Everyone seems happy. Everyone has a role to play that suits them, and they all sacrifice for the common good while preserving some individual autonomy. Those who don’t wish to be citizens aren’t exterminated but are simply left to do their own thing. Colonel Carl summed up their worldview succinctly when he stated:

“You disapprove? Well too bad! We’re in this for the species, boys and girls.”

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