Starship Troopers Movie Article at The Atlantic
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Author:  RobertPearson [ Tue Dec 02, 2014 12:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Starship Troopers Movie Article at The Atlantic

Most popular artice in "entertainment" at the Atlantic online right now is a paean to just how brilliant of a satire the movie is. Plenty of pushback from fans of Heinlein and the book. This is a fun one, at least for me:

This movie wasn't anything but pissing on Heinlein's grave. They had to make it after he died because he knew they would twist and destroy his true intent. That is just what Hollywood did. The director even said that he never bothered to read the whole book. If the movie had some deep hidden political meaning it was because it had to be hidden, because if you hide it beneath enough sugar some people will swallow any bullshit. The original book had it's message right there on the surface because truth never needs to hide. The movie had to radically alter many aspects of the book just to make it fit the message they were trying to hide, like the pill hidden in the dog's peanut butter. If they stayed true to the book then Heinlein's message might have exposed the left-wing's ideology for the pack of unsupportable lies that they are. For example, making the Bugs a race with no tech prevented them from being the aggressors that they were in the book, and that doesn't fit with "no war is acceptable" message that they want to spoon feed the public. The idea that the bugs attacked humans first, refused to negotiate, and would continue to attack as long as they had the ability just didn't help Hollywood's "peace at any cost" brainwashing agenda.

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