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Author:  ForumAdmin [ Wed Apr 09, 2008 7:23 pm ]
Post subject:  General User Rules & Orientation

The Heinlein Society Nexus/Forums are for intelligent, rational, thoughtful discussion of Robert A. Heinlein, his vast panoply of works, and all that goes into the worlds, real and fictional, that surround him. It is also for the discussion of projects, efforts, ideas and goals that further Heinlein's many legacies. If that's not what you mainly want to discuss, you are probably best served by moving on. (If you want to post commercial junk or promotional material, please do move on, preferably off the nearest high cliff.)

'The Community Chat' forum is intended for off-topic Heinlein related posts. 'The Speakeasy' is for 'stepping outside the bounds of polite discussion.

Most forums including the two above can only be posted to by registered members. There may be exceptions occasionally which can be recognized by looking to the right-bottom of the forum to determine if you have New Topic and/or Post Reply access. These forums require that you fill out a Captcha confirmation code each time you post as a Guest. Real names or pseudonyms are preferred, but not required on these posts.(Currently, there are no Forums which accept Guest)

All posts on all forums can be read as a guest, without registering or logging in. There are no hidden or member-only areas. You must register (with a valid email address) and log in to be able to post new material.

If you do not intend to post, You do not have to register, however, non-registered readers will not be able to tell which Forums or posts they have read. Zero-post users and users who show no activity for 6 months will be reviewed and asked if they wish to remain as registered members.

You must provide a valid email address to register. The forum uses an email ping-back verification system and a valid email address is required for this function. This address is also necessary for administrative contact. If the provided address is ever discovered to be inactive or invalid, your account may be suspended until a valid email address is provided.

Please, no animated avatars. They will be deleted, as will signatures of distracting length, size, color or content.

Thank you, and welcome to NexusForum!

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