Stories: Citizen of the Galaxy (Opus 128/G.134) (Nov. 1956)
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Author:  RobertWFranson [ Mon Feb 01, 2010 9:06 am ]
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Yes, a very good analysis. Citizen of the Galaxy is not only a powerful story, but a subtle and sophisticated one.

Author:  DavidWrightSr [ Mon Feb 01, 2010 9:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Stories: Citizen of the Galaxy (Opus 128/G.134) (Nov. 1956)

JamesGifford wrote:
Joe Major wrote a very thorough, if somewhat uneven book on the juveniles. I think this is one of the parts he published as an essay as well.

This is one of the chapters in Heinlein's Children
Advent Publishers, Chicago, Illinois 2006, p. 315

I haven't compared the two line-by-line, but random samplings tend to make me think that it is essentially the same as the online version.

The Book has an introduction by Alexei Panshin, which almost made me not want to read the book after I had paid and bought it, but struggling through the introduction, I found little to criticize, if I remember correctly, as he seemed to closely mirror my own thoughts on the juveniles[1].

One of the many small irritations I found with Major was a tendency to snipe at Heinlein. The following illustrates one such sniping. (IMO).

Alexei Panshin, Heinlein's Children, p. 333 wrote:
This passage reveals several things. First off, it opposes the axiomatic attitude of "war is mankind's perpetual state" of Starship Troopers (1959). Evidently Heinlein was able to think differently at different times before his attitudes calcified.

I agree that the two showed different viewpoints. My complaint is the phrase, 'attitudes calcified'.

I had a very serious disagreement with Major over comments he made about Space Cadet concerning Korzybski's General Semantics. I wrote a rebuttal to this which appeared in both THJ and in ETC.[2].

[1] Panshin ignores Starship Troopers, and makes no comments on it since, I assume, it was only offered to Scribners, but not published by them.

[2] "Rebutting Joseph T. Majors View of General Semantics in Heinlein's Children", The Heinlein Journal, Issue 19, July 2006
Reprinted in ETC, A Review of General Semantics, Institute of General Semantics, Volume 64, Number 4, October 2007

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