Rules for this forum (and a statement of purpose)
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Author:  ForumAdmin [ Sun Apr 13, 2008 12:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Rules for this forum (and a statement of purpose)

In addition to the general Forum rules, posts in this forum must conform to the following guidelines:

This forum is a special-purpose area - call it a belated blog of the 2007 Heinlein Centennial by the organizers, to bring out or bring back parts of the story that have been told only in limited places or perhaps not at all. As one of the senior organizers, I assure you that the ride from early 2005 to the end of the event was a very interesting one, and the tales are well worth sharing.

Only Centennial organizers should create new topics here, each of which should be a bit of history, a description of how something was accomplished, wistful looks at things we didn't get to fold into the mix... an individually personal history of a chaotic, fascinating, draining, but ultimately very successful effort.

Anyone may reply to the topics. Please keep your responses focused along the lines of the original post.

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