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Who Are We?


We are all of the people who have read, and loved, and been influenced by, the writings of Robert A. Heinlein.  Because we can never pay back the benefits we got from him, we intend (in Heinlein’s words) to “PAY IT FORWARD”, by finding ways to spread the wisdom of Robert Anson Heinlein to others.


We are Robert Heinlein’s children.


We are YOU!



What Does a Heinlein Society Member DO, Exactly?


When Ginny organized the Society in 2000, her idea was to maintain traditions Robert began (like blood drives), and to preserve his literary legacy for future generations by encouraging discussion and scholarly investigation of his works, and by encouraging libraries, schools and others to continue to encourage children and adults to keep reading his books.  Like any good parent, she provided the foundation – gathered the volunteers to get it off the ground, set the structure  . . . .  and then left her children to “root, hog, or die”. 


As Ginny wished, every job at the Society -- from the Chairman of the Board of Directors, to the committee chairs, to the person who wrote this webpage, to the gal or guy handing out flyers behind a table at a convention -- is lovingly performed by an unpaid member volunteer.

Some of us work with the Blood Drive committee and organize blood drives.


Some of us work with the Library committee, obtaining copies of Roberts books, placing them in libraries, working to have them added to Advanced Reader lists. 


Some of us work with the Literary/Academic committee, performing research and writing academic papers or critical articles or whole books about Robert and his works, or reviewing new books and publications about Robert’s works.


Some of us write, edit, and publish the Newsletter.


Some of us work with the Education committee to work with educators to find ways to use science fiction in general, and Robert’s works in particular, as a tool to educate our young people and motivate them to pursue science as a career.


Some of us maintain and update this website.


Some of us are working to reach out to the aerospace community – a cause close to Robert’s heart, and to ours.


Some of us answer YOUR mail, and locate resources for projects YOU think up.


Some of us work with the Membership committee to organize and moderate the monthly online Reader’s Group discussions.  We think there should be a Heinlein Reader Group in every community.  How about one in YOUR community?  The Membership committee would like your help.


Some of our members are unable, for one reason on another, to be active outside their homes.  So was Ginny, near the end of her life.  There are a variety of things above in which you can participate without ever leaving home. Perhaps you have an idea to contribute to the Newsletter.  Perhaps you can help us keep the website fresh and up-to-date.  Maybe you order books online – if so, use our link to Amazon.  Just paying your dues every year helps buy books for libraries or produce and distribute the Educator’s CD or fund a writing prize.  Not one penny we take in is spent on salaries for staff.



Sounds Good, But What Does It Cost?


As Robert and Ginny said, TANSTAAFL!  We have three levels of membership:


            Supporting:      For full-time students in a bona fide academic or trade school, or for anyone over the age of 65 on a fixed income.  Dues are $15.00 per year.  Supporting members cannot vote at the annual member meeting, but are welcome to attend, and otherwise have all the privileges of a Regular member.


            Regular:          Voting members.  Dues are $35.00 per year.


            Charter:           Charter members are regular members who pay one extra year of dues, which represents retroactive dues for the Society’s Charter Year of 2001.  Why would you want to do that?  Well!  That’s a story:




(We hope you'll forgive our calling it "new" since it’s been around a while. But only a few have ever heard of it.)


By special arrangement with the Estate of Robert A. Heinlein, and with the gracious permission and blessing of Virginia Heinlein, The Heinlein Society has been granted exclusive rights to a recording of the speech that started it all, a Limited Edition of "Discovery of the Future," Robert Heinlein's copyrighted Guest of Honor speech, given at the third World Science Fiction conference, "Denvention," in July 1941. This an original recording of the speech when given; the only editing performed has been sound editing to improve clarity of the original vinyl disk recordings by Walter J. Daugherty.  Long thought destroyed, these recordings were only located shortly before Ginny’s death.  Ginny gave them to us to give to you.


Every member receives a Membership Certificate.  We also offer a copy of this recording, digitally reproduced on CD, as a gift from Ginny -- but only to those members who purchase a retroactive charter membership.


Your first-year dues are payable as soon as you join.  Thereafter, dues are payable annually on January 1 of each year.  A retroactive charter membership may be purchased at any time, as long as your dues are current.



Okay, How Do I Join?


Now that you’re ready, you can just go here:


On that page, you’ll find a link to complete the online membership application or a link to download an application to send us by mail, if you prefer.  Our promise to you: We do not sell or in any way release your e-mail address or personal information to any third party without your advance consent or your personal request.


You’ll also find convenient links to pay your dues right from your PayPal account.  If you don’t have a PayPal account, there’s a link to pay by debit to your U.S. checking account via Pay-by-Check.


Of course, if you prefer, you can do everything by old-fashioned paper mail.  Just click on the link to see how.



Do You Have Any Questions or Comments?


E-mail questions, comments or ideas to:


  Join The Heinlein Society and Pay Forward the legacy of Robert A. Heinlein and Virginia Heinlein.

2001-2010 The Heinlein Society
3553 Atlantic Avenue, #341
Long Beach, CA 90807-5606


The Heinlein Society was founded by Virginia Heinlein on behalf of her husband, science fiction author Robert Anson Heinlein, to "pay forward" the legacy of Robert A. Heinlein to future generations of "Heinlein's Children."