We’re Giving Away another Virginia Edition!

Virginia Edition

For the fourth year in a row, the Society will raffle off a complete set of the Virginia Edition in September, 2020.  All you have to do is join or stay a member!   A  $45 Regular membership is all it takes to enter.  The rules follow:

Eligibility: “Regular” members who join or renew their membership on or after 9/1/2019, and “Lifetime” members, will be eligible for a random drawing for a “Virginia Edition” collection of Robert A. Heinlein’s entire published works.  “Supporting” and “Honorary” members are not eligible.  Our previous winners are also ineligible.

The drawing will be held as follows:

We will assign each active “regular” or “Lifetime” member as of 8/31/20 a number. If the member joined for the first time on or after 9/1/19 they will be assigned TWO numbers total.  Board members of the Heinlein Society are not eligible for this raffle.  Any eligible member may inform us that they do not wish to be entered in this raffle and they will not be assigned a number.

As a part of our next Annual Meeting (date TBD, but early September 2020) we will use an online random number generator service to generate the “winning number”.  We will explain the controls prior to the raffle and have the assigned numbers available for inspection after the raffle. The raffle will be conducted from a board member’s computer and broadcast using our screen-sharing application.

The winner will be contacted to verify their best shipping address and THS will arrange for shipment.

You may choose to have your VE shipped to another person or donated to a library or military service facility.

Member :Libby Sharpe with her VE

We hope the next winner will take a picture with their new VE and send it to us for publication in the THS newsletter as they join one of our past winners, Libby Sharpe, in enjoying their winnings!

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